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A blend of dried herbs that are placed inside your pillowcase to help ease you into sleep and possibly influence your dreams with their subtle fragrances.

Lavender for restfulness and soothing dreams.

Lemongrass may add color and an exotic element to dreams.

Hops can steer you toward relaxing, pleasant dreams.

Chamomile also for relaxation and pleasant dreams. You may want to skip this if you are allergeric to ragweed.

Catnip good to help with relaxation.

Marjoram helps ease nervousness. And may add a lightness to romatic blends.

Mugwort can help in dream recall and lucid dreams.

Mint it can add brightness, color & clarity to dreams.

Roses may add a loving warmth to dreams.

Woodruff can protect against nightmares.

Thyme to help with a restful sleep free of nightmares. And maybe encounter fairies on moonlit nights.wink

Vervain helps ward off nightmares for relaxing sleep.

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