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About Us

My branch of the Schroeder family was born and raised in Wisconsin, most of us were born right here in lovely Door County.  We grew up here, weaned on sun shine, farmland, and snowball fights.  Most have gone on to pursue educational and occupational goals in our own personal areas of interest.

My background shows my wide range of interests and makes me uniquely qualified to run Bayview Organics.  I have a multitude of experiences in the restaurant operations and administration, I am a fitness instructor, I am a trained tool and die smith, and I am a licensed massage therapist.  Although these skill sets don't intuitively link together, I have realized that in all of my pursuits, I am constantly learning and constantly teaching others and it is that teaching aspect that I find most compelling.  For example, after I completed massage school, I became a teaching assistant because I felt I could help the incoming class and improve their learning experience. I know my schooling opened a wide variety of doors for me and I am very grateful for it.  I also feel that the support I have given others has been reflected back at me tenfold.

My journey with Bayview Organics started during my second year as a teaching assistant.  I heard the business might be coming up for sale and it was instantly appealing to me.  I read the background literature and the company data, I discussed the prospect with the UWGB Small Business mentors, and I presented the concept of operations to my siblings and spouse.  With everyone on board, we bought Bayview Organics.  Since my siblings are now scattered across the country, my husband and I do most of the labor and most of the distribution but my siblings help with some distribution, administrative responsibilities, and financial support.  I enjoy their support and I appreciate the challenge of being an independent contractor.  I am pleased that my customers didn't lose a service that they find to be essential.  I'm excited to continue this great work as well as expand to supply this fabulous super food to all interested customers. 

My business has far more capacity and potential and I can't wait to push production to the limit!